Lawn Fertillizers: Yes or No?

Everyone wants a lawn to be proud of, certainly a lawn more appealing than that of the neighbor.  Some people maintain their lawn naturally without the use of external products such as herbicides and synthetic lawn fertilizers.

Most people buy lawn fertilizers and use them without much knowledge. Indeed it is easy to buy a bag and just spread the material on the soil. But without knowing it’s effects you can damage your lawn. Fertilizers provide you with a lush green lawn, all you have to do is maintain it. I am certainly not against fertilizers but if you can find organic fertilizers, which often cost the double of synthetic ones, you should purchase that. Synthetic lawn fertilizers are mostly filled with toxic waste. 10% could be for fertilizing and the 0ther 90 just toxic waste ready to damage the ecosystem.

Remember synthetic fertilizers might cost less but they have much less content than organic ones which are not harmful.