Last four things that will happen to you

Have you ever wondered what would happen to you at the end? Well I do not know but if we look at it religiously we may have an answer to this puzzling question and today’s post is all about what last four things will happen to you?

The four last things –





Now I am not sure whether I will go Heaven first and then Hell or If I will even go to Heaven at first, I guess my spot will always be Hell lol, not that I love Heaven its just that all the dirty stuff happens to be in Hell so I better be there….

2 thoughts on “Last four things that will happen to you”

  1. There are three things that will happen to us: death, Judgement and heaven/or hell. You cannot go both places!!

  2. You would not be going to heaven or hell. Because your name would not be used there.Your name is stored in your brain and when you die your name is erased automatically.Even your thoughts would not go there.

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