Juicy Hollywood Breakups of 2008

This has been a very tumultuous year for couples in Hollywood. There have been some major divorces and breakups. Some of the more prominent divorces were Robin Williams and his wife Marcia Garcia Williams.  Then there was Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon. I guess two rockers just can’t co-habitat.  Carrie Underwood the country crooner went through a public separation.

The mega superstar Madonna split from her husband Guy Ritchie. This was a big one. They both have mega money so finances are not an issue. It must be nice to not fight about money like us regular Joes. Madonna is linked to the baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Could this have been the final nail in their coffin when it came to the marriage? Well it certainly does not help when you are trying to save your marriage. On the other hand, was she?

We all know about Hugh Hefner and his Playboy Mansion complete with grotto. However, you may not have known that Hugh actually had three full time girlfriends. Now he has two. He split from Holly Madison. Holly wanted to have kids but Hef was not producing, so to speak. Hugh is not crying into his brandy. In fact, he is already searching for a new bunny to bounce around the mansion!

In a twist of fate, Nicollete Sheridan of Desperate Housewives began dating Michael Bolton for the second time around. They dated from 1992-1997 and then rekindled their love in 2005. This time around, they even went so far as to be engaged. It looked like it was finally time for them to walk down the aisle. Then all of a sudden the engagement was off and they were separated. It was all hush, hush from there and they asked that the public respect their privacy. Okay….I think someone forgot to tell them that they were famous!

Of course, who can forget the breakup between Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer? There are different stories about what led up to the breakup but apparently, Jen ended it because John was not ready to be in a monogamous relationship and wanted to sow his oats. On the other hand, John told reporters that Jen was the smartest and most sophisticated woman he had ever met. Well that is ironic. If she was so great, why did he feel the need to cheat on her?

Another big Hollywood star Bill Murray split from his wife Jennifer Butler Murray. Jennifer apparently sued her husband after 10 years of marriage citing drug abuse, adultery, abandonment and physical abuse. Wow, that is quite a list! Who knew? Jennifer even requested a restraining order against the actor when she filed the lawsuit. I guess she really wants to keep him away. Well it looks like this ghost buster has been busted!

One break-up personally touched me. I am a big Shania Twain fan. When she split from her marriage of 14 years to Mutt Lange, it hurt. They had gone through so much together over the years and Mutt really pulled out the real Shania. He left her for their secretary and manager of their Switzerland Chalet. Personally, I think he is a fool. There will never be another Shania!

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  1. I bet being married rich and famous is a lot to deal with especially when you have all that money and somebody else telling you what to do with it and a hollywood attitude. I don’t think I would stay married long either in that kind of environment…

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