“I’ve Got A Bone To Pick”What Does It Mean?

Does it mean that you have bone stuck in your teeth? Or your going to pick something out of your mouth? What could this really mean? Does it really have anything to do with bones. It comes from a long way, wild pack animals will scavenge for the carcass only after the alpha male of the pack has finished. Having a bone to pick means establishing dominance like the alpha male of a pack. This comes from a Sicilian wedding ritual, an ancient ritual, at dinner’s end of a wedding, the Bride’s Dad would give the groom a bone and let him pick the bone clean. This meant that the groom had complete dominance over his wife and the last word on any big decision like the alpha male of a animal pack. The expression means wanting to pick a fight vs someone.

Did you know there are such things as Alpha Pairs, where both female and male of the couple are alpha’s of their respective groups.