It’s Time To Smell The Roses – Gardening-the Benefits

Ever since I was a little child, I loved to mess around in the dirt, so consequently I started pulling the weeds (sometimes more than weeds) in my parents flower garden. I didn’t always know what were flowers from the weeds, but along with my mom and dads tutelage I came in time to identify the flowers, and actually got to know some of their names.

When I got married and had my own place, I started to work in the flower beds, making a design of my choosing, and getting to know the different kinds of flowers and shrubs. I wanted to know which ones would enhance the look of the property, and started to experiment. Sometimes one kind would be planted in a certain area, but would not do well there, so I would move to it another side of the house and found that it did better in  that location.

By trial and error the flower beds were beginning to look pretty attractive, and the main thing is, they always gave me great pleasure. Other people would walk by and comment on how beautiful my gardens were and how they loved seeing them. I would say that I was glad that they were enjoying them too. They would also comment that it looked like it was a lot of work, and I would respond by saying that when you love doing something, it is not work at all.

When time passed and circumstances changed, it became necessary for me to find work. The very thing I enjoy the most in life, became a career for me. Now I do gardens for other people, getting  paid handsomely for doing it, and I get to design gardens, to blend with the coloring of their houses too. That is my favorite part, as I guess I have a creative side of me that needs to be released, and this the perfect way to accomplish that in my life.

To walk through the nurseries and see what is new or an altogether different type of a flower or shrub that I already love to plant, which I have had good luck with is so much fun for me. Some people love to go to a mall and buy themselves some new clothes, or some new gadget for their house, but I can not wait for those catalogue from the different suppliers to come in the mail, so I can order a completely new specimen which I know not one other person on my block has yet.

When plants bring such joy to so many people, the greatest gift to yourself, is giving some of your plants to other people who love to garden too. Trading plants can be a fun thing to do. I remember once having a garage sale, and a lady noticed one of my plants that was blooming at that time, and I overheard her say to her husband that she would like to have one of them. I went over to her and said that I happen to have an extra one and she could have it. Well that lady was ecstatic, and beyond words.

In the various places that I do gardens, the people say that they do not want a specific kind of plant anymore, so I bring it home and plant it in the, what I call my “birthing garden” and whenever someone needs that type, there it is for the taking. That works well for me and ultimately for them as well, and also saves them money in the end. Everyone is happy! Want to read more interesting stuff on a happy home? Then check our home stuff.

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