It’s a Strange World

There is a song by Gary Jules named Mad World, I’d like to correct that. By providing you with some of the most bizarre things I have seen and heard. Leading you to believe like me, that this is a strange world.

~Millionaire Plant~

The Edge, reported in April 19, 1999 that a Swiss woman had passed and had left all of her fortunes to her plant. A sum of around half a million for a plant. The story gets even weirder, as it was thought that the millionaire from Geneva described the plant as her best and only friend. She also spoke about her conversation with the plants for the last 5 years…

~Look at those Melons~

This one was reported by Reuters in May 3, 1999. Britain’s biggest supermarket chain asked the melon suppliers to start supplying smaller melons. This decision was made because it was proven that woman buying melons would compare them to their breasts. A Tesco spokesman said ” We were surprised , but it has certainly produced results, we have sold over a million melons in two months.” Says something about the woman Britain. Hah.

Superstition, a warning?

Gerald Steindam, a man of 24 years old in Miami, Florida, promised to never fly when the plane he was suppose to aboard, flight 401 (Miami To New York) crashed in the Everglades. In 1980, Gerald overcame his fears and took that very flight but unfortunately the plane was hijacked and flew to Cuba. Pick your poison Stuck in the Everglades or being hostage in Cuba?

Taken from the Encyclopedia Brown’s Book of Strange Facts

~Sri Lanka PD~

In Sri Lanka, police officer arrested  a man after finding condoms in his wallet. (why was he searching a random person, Im not sure myself either) The officer said ” a man with condoms in his wallet can’t be up to anything good.” The man was later released.

Taken from the San Francisco Chronicle,1993.