Is it Necessary to Bring Chewing Gum Wrapper to Replace a Blown-Up Fuse


Is it Necessary to Bring Chewing Gum Wrapper to Replace a Blown-Up Fuse?

Yes, the chewing gum wrapper can replace the blown-up fuse but it is not recommended for long-term use.  So, don’t throw the chewing gum wrapper because you might need it anytime your fuse gets busted.

If you are driving in wilderness on way to cross-country be sure to have a pack of chewing gum with you.  Why?  It is because you can use the chewing gum wrapper to repair blown-out fuse in your car.  Just imagine what happens if you are in a long-range driving where there are no residents on the way and suddenly one of your fuses bursts out and you don’t have any reserve.

Can you drive without lights at night time?  Even during daytime when your fuse gets blown-up, you will think it’s a bad day indeed.  Remember that the fuse is a small object that is an important part of the car’s electrical system.  When your fuse malfunctions and it is rush hour, you don’t have a horn to blow in traffic and if it’s rainy or foggy, you can’t use your wiper.

If you drive a car, of course you know that fuses are installed to avoid over-heating of electrical wires.  A fuse has 2 prongs that are connected to the wire on any side.  At the center of the fuse’s casing is a conductor with a melting point that has a lower temperature than the wire.

So, if one of your fuses is blown-up, what will you do?
Do you have to look for an auto parts or hardware store to buy a new one considering that you are in the middle of a highway?  Well, just make sure that you have not thrown away your chewing gum wrapper and that can help you fix the problem.

If an electrical current is passing a temperature that is extremely hot for the wire to carry, the fuse will serve as the breaker of that current connection.  But when the current is too strong, the fuse loses its capacity to break the circuit and it blows-out.  Fuses have different amperes and when the current is stronger than the amperage, it can spark a fire.

This is the reason why you must check if your fuse has the correct amperage.  When it gets blown-up, use the metal foil of your chewing gum wrapper or any aluminum foil to replace the fuse.  When both ends of the fuse are conducted by the foil, you have electricity again.  It is important to note, however, that the use of chewing gum wrapper for blown-up fuse is not for long-term.  The fuse is a very sensitive part of the electrical system and if you allow it to be vacant for long, using only chewing gum wrapper, the electrical wires may overheat that can cause a fire.

Chewing gum wrapper is only for temporary remedy just to keep you moving.  But you have to replace your damaged fuse as early as possible to avoid a more dangerous fire scenario.  You will not allow your car to be burned just for lack of fuse, right?