Is Google Chrome the Best Browser?


In the early days of the internet, they were few of these things called web browsers and there wasn’t much of a choice as of which one to get. Now though these days the choices have augmented largely and the choice isn’t as simple as choosing the least suspicious one.  Each browser has features unique to it so choosing might be up to you and your preferences. Here are a few features about chrome.

Google Chrome

Chrome is a web browser created by Google in their recent expansion from search engine to multimedia conglomerate. The browser’s aim was simple to be a faster, more secure and integrate the various properties of Google into one simple portal. Chrome’s aims were admirable like all good browsers but did Google achieve that? The speed factor is definitely there, thanks to a new Javascript engine, Google’s Chrome ranks as the fastest web browser as of its creation. But the most important feature for anything interacting with the unknown web should be security. The security is fine from what the using population suggests but most researchers done as to which browser is the best have been very controversial. For example one research that suggested Chrome was the most secure had a conflict of interest in which the research itself was funded by Google. Such is the way of these researches, the best way to find about security is to do a survey on your own to find out what the users in the web and review sites suggest. The aesthetics of the browser are also unique to it, with only safari having a similar look to it. Chrome has a very minimalistic look, if Apple made a browser this is how it would probably look. Although this looks great and slick, it can be annoying to do some simple customizations especially without looking on the web. Another thing positive for Chrome is its fast ability to implant new web features such as html 5, new video codec supports and many more. Google initially promised a lot with Chrome and under delivered. But like Rome, Chrome isn’t going to be built in one day; it has come a long way to being one of the best browsers out there.