Is Energy Existing or a Myth?

Is Energy Existing or a Myth?

Most of the people believe in the existence of energy even if they don’t see it and feel it just like air.  If people believe in the saying “to see is to believe,” then why is energy and air exempted?  The air is believable because we inhale it and feel it, but what about energy?

There are many things ‘though that we believe even if we don’t see them such as spirit of wine, scent, current, magnetism, velocity, etc.  However, you can feel them unlike in the case of energy.  Is energy a myth?  Energy was originally theorized as purely a quantity that could be manipulated either in heavy exertion or light exertion; strong or weak release.

There is no way to touch or see energy but people believe in it.  Absolutely, energy exists but the idea of energy being used and exhausted remains a puzzle.  To visualize energy on a wider perspective, let’s define it first.  Energy is simply a quantity that characterizes the existing state of a system just like velocity, charge, mass, position, etc.

Energy works like charge, mass and momentum.  The energy of 2 matters is the total of their energies before they start to interact.  Just like charge and momentum, energy is always preserved.  Based on Einstein’s discovery, energy is not conserved and that the energy of a matter is not just the total of their energies present in the object but also a huge mass contained in the object.

Therefore, does mass becomes energy?  No, the energy that is part of the mass of an object can be released if the mass is decreased.  Can energy be independent from the object?  No, energy is always a part of an object.  To make the explanation simple, energy is a human idea that is necessary in analyzing nature.

Nature works in a way that is amazing and like a phenomenon.  Nature is always present whether it is in super-fluidity, neutron decay or photon scattering.  Men have to measure them in terms of mass, energy, momentum, charge, etc. in order to put them in quantity.  Men have also created equations to measure energy, mass, etc.

One good thing about nature is it works in conjunction with mathematics easily understood by men.  This can be seen in Newton’s laws which make use of simple algebra.  Men can determine the energy of matters and systems and can create sensible predictions.
Science has been able to interpret the works of nature in mathematical terms at amazing precision.  In all the branches of science, energy is universally understood in terms of quantitative measurement.  Other quantitative measurements such as momentum are universally accepted but are not exact for use in answering questions.

Whether energy is a property of matter or the other way around, it will depend on the category of science that is being analyzed.  If the category involves simple mechanics, then, the answer to whether energy exists in masses is no, because masses have no inherent energy.  If you collide electrons and positrons, the answer is yes, there is energy.

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  1. WE can’t feel enegy. We can feel only effects of energy. Energy is a concept built by scientists to explain effects. Concept is further explained by using mathematical equations.So actually we don’t know real nature of energy.

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