Is Cloud Storage Safe?

Most computers nowadays have huge harddrives and with that comes room for huge library of files. Though harddrives are powerful and cheap they aren’t as practical for someone who uses multiple computers. Unless you’re using an external hard drive, you can’t bring all your important files along with you. This is important when you’re traveling or as previously mentioned have more than one pc. Thanks to the advent of cloud storage you can just upload your files on the net. This is not only fast but extremely safe. Safe because when your files are being sent to the cloud service, the data is being encrypted. Unfortunately due to most of these sites being accessed through a password, they can still be hacked. A strong password will certainly help against hackers who might try to decrpyt it. Thankfully most hackings that happen are due to a person finding out the password in real life and not on the net like most people believe.

Can I Trust The Cloud Service?

Fortunately there are already 3 big companies that offer cloud storage. That diminishes your chances of being scammed by some shady site/service. Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive are the three most popular ones. As you would expect from them, the service is thoroughly guarded and automated. The government can still ask these site to see a member’s storage though such measures are taken only when the situation is highly extreme. One thing is sure Cloud Storage is definitely safer than carrying all your important data in an external hard drive or laptop.

Benefits of Cloud Storage.

Cloud storage has one huge advantage over hard drives and even external hard drives. It’s accessibility. With the requirement of internet, you can access your cloud storage anytime and anywhere. This is not possible with hard drives as you need to have your computer or laptop. Cloud services can be used on smart phones, even tablet devices though this is certainly possible with an external hard drive it is a lot more complicated and unintuitive. With physical data there is always risk of losing it because of a system failure. This can be prevented with constantly backing up your data but in the cloud you don’t need to do any of that. As long as you have your account your files stay on the server till you wish otherwise.

To conclude, cloud storage does have some negatives but the positives far outweigh them. With the cloud you always have your data with you. The same could be said about the external hard drive or laptop but those are physical things that you can lose unlike the cloud.