Is Artificial Gravity Pulling the Weight of a Hunchback that Slows Him Down

This question is more related to physical rather than the forces of gravity.  If your back is physically deformed, it will be difficult for you to climb the mountain.  This is much different in the case of 2 persons carrying heavy luggage in their backs and trying to reach the top of the mountain.

Given the same weights of the 2 persons but different weights they carry on their backs, the common perception will draw the man carrying lighter luggage to reach the peak of the mountain first.  But hold on; an important factor has to be considered here, the climbing ability of both men.

If the man who carries the heavier load is an expert mountain climber compared the other one, of course he will go ahead of the other even if he has a heavier load.  Same is true with both men with different body weights coming down from a parachute, the denser will come down faster than the lesser.

But in this case, the strong pressure of air in the sky can be a significant factor to alter the weight and speed in coming down.  Artificial gravity is something that occurs caused by a reaction from an action.  It is something that push you back when your car speeds off.  In this particular case, artificial gravity is caused by acceleration.

Artificial gravity can also be brought about by centripetal forces.  When a pilot turns the aircraft in a swift manner going to the left, then acceleration is increased pushing the aircraft to the right direction.  The same manner as when the car accelerates to the left, the passenger swings to the right.

But when the car goes down, your body goes in the same direction.  To generate artificial gravity, you need a mass to initiate it.  Gravity has its own definition different from artificial gravity.  The force of gravity is a mechanism that pulls an object in a downward motion to the ground.  Comparing the 2, it is easier to generate artificial gravity.

If you are in a merry-go-round spinning intensely, don’t you feel that as if something is taking you out from the center of the wheel?  When the mechanism suddenly goes down from the peak, don’t you feel like vomiting due to the extreme force that is pulling you down?  This is the same effect as if something is taking you out.

Therefore, any force that has strength to push you in any direction or pull you downward is called artificial gravity.

Now, if you want to determine how an object’s center of gravity is related to its stability, here is a good example.  If you tip an object, you will notice that the force in the center of gravity is increased.  In Physics, this is considered as in stable equilibrium.  Let’s take the cone as good example.

If the center of gravity is decreased when it is gently tipped, it is in unstable equilibrium, same as the cone that has a cone balanced on its tip.  If the center of gravity does not go up or down just like a cone on one side, it is considered in a neutral equilibrium.