Invented In USA

Everybody has heard about the invention of electricity, the origins of the telephone. And the great inventors which the tales are told of are always the same, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and a few more. But there are a few unsung American genius’s, Chester Greenwood, Evinrude and Frank Rose. And I’m going to tell what they invented and how they got the idea.


Chester Greenwood

The ear-muff, is what he invented with a bit of help. When he was only at the tender age of 15 Chester started a trend and invented something. How this young kid thought of this, you ask? He was gone ice skating near his home in Farmington, Maine. He nearly froze his ears off. The next day, he thought covering them with a scarf would do the thing. But that didn’t quite work out, the scarf kept him warm but weren’t practical when moving around and were also kind of itchy. The next day he made something of his own, he bent some wires so they could fit over his head and asked his grandmother to sew some fur around it. And guess what ? IT WORKED. It became so famous in the neighbor’s he decided to patent the design and found a factory, in 1877. He became wealthy real quick, as he was supplying the US army during the World War 1.

Ole Evinrude

Ole Evinrude

According to the Evinrude Company this is how Evinrude patented the motorboat. Ole Evinrude, was a Norwegian immigrant. He and his girlfriend at the time, Bessie took a boat and rowed to an small island on the Michigan Lake. Bessie wanted some ice cream, Ole decided to go get some from the land. He took the boat, rowed till the land and get some ice cream. Till he rowed back the ice cream had melted. Ole built a motor so the next time he would need ice cream it wouldn’t melt. Quite weird why he invented it but I guess it paid of  when he founded his company Evinrude in 1909.


Frank Rose

A doctor from Kansas called, Samuel J. Crumbine was working for the state’s board of health. While he was attending  a baseball game, the fans were very loud. But the words he made out of it was “Sacrifice Fly” and “Swat the ball”. At the time he was trying to reduce the spread of the typhoid fever which was was spread by flies. He suddenly got inspired by those words. So he wrote an article on the next issue of fly magazine. It was called “Swat The Fly. Crumbine didn’t end up inventing but a schoolteacher from the area who read the article. Frank Rose made the first ever fly swatter. It was with a yard stick and some wire screen.