Interesting Facts about Wales

The country that might possess one of the most awesome flags ever, Wales. Here are a few interesting tidbits about them.

-Wales is just to the west of England.

-Wales is an island.

-Wales is a mountainous country like Scotland.

-Wales, in welsh is cymru.

-Wales can be called a principality, since it is traditional supposed to be ruled by The Prince of Wales, who is the eldest of the king’s sons.

-Wales hasn’t been politically independent since King Edward conquered them.

-The national game of Wales is Rugby.

-Wales doesn’t have it’s own armed forces or currency.

-Welsh flag doesn’t appear in the UK flag, that is why there is no dragon.

-One of the most well recognized names of Wales is Sir George Everest, yes the highest peak on earth was named after this traveler.

-Cardiff is the capital of Wales.

-Other major cities except the capital, Newport and Swansea.

-National day, march 1.

-The official animal of Wales is the dragon.

7 thoughts on “Interesting Facts about Wales”

  1. Wales did become politically independant for a while at the beginning of the 15th century under its leader Owain Glyndwr, who was crowned Sovereign Prince of Wales, he set up a Parliament, allied himself to the King of France, recognized the anti-Pope in Avignon, wrote to the King of Scots and envisaged 2 universities, one for the north and another for the south.

  2. Wales in Welsh is Cymru not cymru.
    Wales is not, and has never been, an island
    There should be no apostrophe in ‘it’s own’, ‘It’s’ means ‘it is’. ‘Its’ means ‘belonging to it’

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