Interesting facts about Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most common appliances that are used in houses to some extent and in majority of offices and other business establishments is a Vacuum Cleaner – an ideal machine that cleans the rooms and other places that are frequently used by the people at large.

When people talk about Vacuum Cleaners, not just from the utility value, from the invention point, the first thing that comes to mind is that of William Hoover, who is credited with the invention of this wonder machine. Such is the fame of William Hoover as the inventor of this machine is that people often not talk just about cleaning the room, they even refer to the process of hoovering the room.

William H. Hoover, many people might not be aware of, is not the actual inventor of this wonder machine. This does not, in any way, discredit this famous person from his association with the vacuum cleaning machine.

It was only William Hoover, who recognized the potential of a cleaning machine, that not only cleans the room with minimum effort, but is also portable and can be carried to any place. He created a company to market this wonder machine and rechristened as Electric Suction Sweeper Company in the year 1922.

It was in the year 1869 that the sweeping machine was first invented and the credit goes to a person named Ives McGaffey. He patented this wonder machine in that year with the appropriate authorities.

In 1901, a British patent was granted to a similar cleaning machine to a person named Hubert Cecil Booth.

It was in 1907 that a cleaner working in a departmental store in Ohio, James Murray Spangler, came up with a new kit to help him in the cleaning work he is entrusted to do, in line with the famous saying – Necessity is the mother of invention.

What did Spangler do? He rigged up the fan motor of an old sewing machine to a soapbox and stapled both the things to a broom handle. He also attached a pillowcase at one end to collect the dust. Impressed with this invention, William Hoover bought the patent for this unique discovery, appointed James Spangler as the superintendent of the company and started marketing this unique machine, which we called as Vacuum Cleaner.

Hats off the business mind of William Hoover which earned him the name and fame in the world.

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