Interesting Facts about The World War 2

It has been a very historical weekend, to commemorate it, here are some facts about the WW2.

-From 1939 till the end of the war, the Allies dropped 3.4 million tons of bomb, mostly in industrial German cities.

-For each man killed on battle, four others were wounded.

-40,000 men served the U-Boats but 30,000 never returned.

-Japanese Pilot, Hiroyoshi Nishiwaza, was probably the best dogfighter in the air. He took down 80 planes in his time and died when he was on a cargo plane. 80 planes are pretty good when the chances of your death are at 74%.

-When the Allies reached the Rhine, one of Germans most important source of clean water. They pee’d on it, including Churchill himself.

-40 to 45 % of German planes were destroyed by accidents.

-The Japanese were often considered the most fearless, with no fear of death (if a soldier was caught they would 100% commit suicide). But maybe the Russians were even better with their no fear attitude. The Russians destroyed around 400 enemy planes by just ramming at them. When there path was blocked by mines they would just walk on it.

-Hitler executed 84 of his generals, for various reasons.

-When the Canadians and Americans troops reached the island of Kiska, 21 person died in a fire fight….between the American and Canadian.

-The only nation from the war to declare war against the US was Germany. Nation is the key word here.

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  1. its nice to see that people had such a sense of humor that they could pee where others drank lol, and dam, those Russians were pretty ruthless

  2. My Grandfather was in WWII and he lived through it. He died when he was 87 years old): Sad face. But I am doing a report for school. My grandfather made a scrap book about WWII and I am looking at it now. It is so sad how many people died. Another sad face…


    Manderz K.

  3. notice how u put there instead of their. “When there path was blocked by mines they would just walk on it.”.

  4. this is helped me with my report on ww2. thnx. happy face. a few of my family members were in the ww2. 3 died. it was sad. sad face. but before they did, they told me about them bieng in ww2. i still remember wat they told me. 2 of them alive right now. they tell me about it. if you looken for info on ww2 or hitler, go on trust me. itll help u.

  5. hi! my name is Megan i am doing a learning log could you may be put more facts and you mite need to put some interesting pictures sorry if i be a bit mean

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