Interesting Facts About The Roman Empire

The biggest land empire on earth to ever exist, the Roman empire. Here are some facts about it.

-Julius Caesar, built the Maximus Circus in Rome, it could accommodate around 150,000 people and later it was enlarged to accommodate 100,000 more..

-Vergil, wrote what is though to be one of the best poems but he didn’t want to publish it before his death because he though it wasn’t polished enough, but some of his close friends asked the emperor to publish it anyway and he did.

-Gaius Caesar earned a reputation of being cruel and ruthless, doing lots of torture and execution. He became so hated that in the end one of his own guards assassinated him.

-Another selfish Roman Emperor, Nero, his last words were “what an artist dies in me”.

-During the 1st 100 days of Roman Colosseum about 5,000 animals were killed, such were elks, elephants, tigers, hyenas, hippos and many more.

-Historians estimate that the Colosseum would welcome around 50,000 people each day.

-Heliogabulus was one of the worst roman emperors. He retired the roman gods and introduced new Syrian gods, Romans thought the east were just a bunch of lunatics so they decided to kill Helio.