Interesting facts about Sumo

Do you know which professional sport has the shortest duration between the games – wherein a game comes to end, in most cases, in less than a minute or in a few seconds?

It is Sumo, a competitive sport, played mostly in Japan and the neighboring countries.

Sumo is a type of wrestling and the players participating in this Sumo game are called as wrestlers.

The game is played either indoor or outdoor. The two wrestlers take up the game of wrestling is a circular ring, which is called as dohyo. The game comes to an end when one of the wrestlers forces the other wrestler to touch the ground by any part of the body other than the feet.

Now, you can imagine why this Sumo is considered to be a professional game that might conclude within seconds of commencing. It is not a hard and fast rule that the game should conclude quickly. Some games, depending upon the capability of the wrestlers might take more time.

What is more interesting in this Sumo game?

Sumo is not just a competitive sport, where the trial of strength of the wrestler is tested in the dohyo or the circular ring. In Japan, the sport is associated with a specific ritual and has been in existence from a very long period. The wrestlers in Sumo are called as rikishis.

While the game actually takes very short period to conclude, the preparation for the game, the rituals associated with the game and the way of life advised for and practiced by the rikishi are the interesting things associated with this combat sport.

The rikishis or wrestlers should follow a very strict way of life as per the directions of the Sumo Association and any deviation in this way of life will invite disqualification. A sumo wrestler is not allowed to drive his own car, as per the stipulations. A sumo wrestler should grow long hair and also form a top knot. This is a must do thing. Even in public places they should wear the specific wardrobes prescribed for the game. Depending upon their wardrobe, their level of expertise will be known to the public who happen to see them. The sumo wrestler or rikishi is not allowed to take breakfast in the morning. One heavy meal is what he should take and always maintain overweight.