Interesting Facts about Scotland

Here are some facts about the country, many people didn’t even knew was an island.

-Scotland is mountainous country unlike England.

-Scotland is composed of 790 islands and has about 130 that are inhabited.

-Scotland has a bunch of water lochs (lakes), all of them together covering about 600 miles, the most famous loch is the loch ness, because there is said to be a monster.

-Scotland has a bunch of castles, clans , kilts and poetry.

-Edinburgh the capital, has the most famous theaters from the world.

-The most famous actor from Scotland is probably Sean Connery.

-The Scottish parliament was opened in 1999, june 1.

-The country’s motto is No one provokes me with impunity.

-The flag is the cross of St- Andrew.

-The official language is English but 1% of the population still peak Scottish.

-Scotland has about 14 universities, The one of St-Andrews being founded in 1410 being one of the oldest, where prince William studied at.

-Scotland is considered the home land of golf.

-The most watched sport in Scotland like other countries of the UK is Soccer.