Interesting facts about Rugby

One of the most challenging field games played as a complete team game and tests the stamina, skill and speed of the players is the game of Rugby.

The game is said to have originated in England in the beginning of the 19th century and is one of the popular games played in more than 100 countries across the world as of date.

The primary requirement, or the essential code of the rugby game, is that the player runs with the ball in hand to the opponent’s area. Some sort of confusion about the game arose in 1823, it seems, when William Webb Ellis allegedly picked up the ball in hand, while playing football, and ran with the ball in hand towards the goal post in the opponent area. Rules were framed and the International Rugby Board came into existence in 1885 to govern and oversee the rules of the game.

How the game is played?

This is an outdoor game played in a rectangular field of 100 m length and 70 metres width. At the end of the each side, goal posts of the letter “H” are placed.

Two teams, comprising of 15 players each, take up the field in the Rugby game. The ball used in the game is of an oval shape, and is infiltrated with air. The fifteen players are divided into 8 forward players and 7 defenders. The play starts with a toss of coin to decide which team will start the kick off. After deciding the team, the game starts with a drop kick. Then the forwards and the defenders try to pick up the ball and run towards the opposition area with the ball in hand. The forwards in the opponent time will try to block the running of the player.

Basically the forwards are typically strong in structure and use their muscular power to block the opponent running with the ball. In contrast, the defenders are short in size and typically have good athletic skills, such that while the forwards block the opponents, the defenders run towards the goal post of the opponent, dodging the block and running at a relatively faster pace than the forwards. Invariably, most points are typically scored by the defendants. This is the unique feature of the game.

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  1. You’ve clearly never played rugby before, or even watched it for that matter. There is NO blocking or blockers in rugby. And they are called the ‘backline’ not defenders. everyone on the park is a defender.Learn your facts before you dribble utter bullsh!t

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