Interesting facts about Rodeo – the national sport of Chile

The most famous and popular sport in the South American country of Chile is Rodeo, an interesting sports activity that has been officially declared as the national sport of the country in the year 1962.

The game played in this country, referred to as Chilean Rodeo, is quite different from the type of Rodeo played in other parts of the world, especially North America.

The basic idea of this type of Rodeo game is to pin down a calf, driving through in a proper manner around the arena, by a team of two members, each riding on a horse. The members of the team participating in the game are called as Huasos. Corral is nothing but the ground or the space for the game to take place.

The game usually takes place in a medialuna, something like a stadium for a football match, and the medialuna is crescent-shaped in size.

As per the rules of the game, it is the responsibility of the riders or huasos is to bring the cattle to the main track or ground, try to separate a single calf from the cattle displaying their unique skills, and pin down that single calf against massive cushions in the medialuna without the assistance of any other riders. The experienced and talented riders, who get maximum points and emerge successful in pinning down the cattle, will be crowned as champions and showered with awards and honors.

Points are granted for the proper riding of the horse and how the calf is pinned against the cushions. Any fault in the riding or improper handling would involve negative points.

Though the game has been recognized as a national sport only in 1962, this interesting game of skill, speed, and stamina had been played in the country since the 1860.

How this game came into existence is in itself an interesting story. The ruling king at that time in the country, perturbed by the frequent missing of cattle and calves in the country, wanted to encourage the growth and development of calves. He came out with this interesting game among the people to encourage cattle rearing.

This rodeo of Chile is still very popular among the people and mostly played in rural areas.

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