Interesting facts about Robert the Bruce

Most of us would have heard about many bed time stories in our childhood days that not only provided the fun and fantasy, but also provided us with some sort of inspiration to us.

One of such stories is about “Robert the Bruce.” We were told this inspirational story to get encouraged and not feel disheartened at the stroke of failure.

The essence of the story is something like this.

There lived a King by name Robert the Bruce. He waged battle against a rather bigger opponent and could not succeed in winning over the opponent. But, he did not lose heart and kept on recouping himself and make attempts to conquer over the opponent. Not once or twice, but as many as 12 times he attempted to win over the opponent. Having dejected at failed attempts, Robert, one day took shelter in a cave or something of that, cursing his ill-fate over failure to win over the attempt. There, while pondering over the repeated failures, he happened to look at a spider at a corner, attempting to climb through the cave well. Every time the spider tried to climb up, it fell down. However, the spider did not lose heart and attempted to climb. After as many as 12 failures, the spider, without losing heart and filled with determination, climbed up again and finally succeeded in climbing through the cave well. Robert Bruce was watching all the failed attempts of the spider as well as the final success at the 13th attempt. This act by spider gave him fresh motivation, and Robert Bruce broke through the shackles of dejection, attempted for the 13th time, and tasted success.

The moral of the story is nothing but TRY, TRY AND TRY AGAIN.

Do you know who told this story for the first time in the Universe?

This story was first narrated by Sir Walter Scott in the year 1828 as one of the stories in his book “Tales of a Grandfather”. The year 1828 was exactly 500 years later, when Robert the Bruce fought for the independence of Scottish people from the English rule. Historical evidence uncovered about the Douglas family about 200 years after the actual war took place between Robert Bruce against the English rule provide important clues about the motivational story which we were told by our grandparents.

Sir James Douglas was a close friend of Robert Bruce and it was he who encouraged the King not to lose heart and keep trying. The very words uttered by Sir James Douglas to Robert, found by the archeologists, are as follows : “ I spied a spider climbing by his web to the height of an trie and at 12 attempts I perceived his web broke. But the 13 time he climbed up that trie”.

Sir Scott Walter, according to historians and archeologists, could have taken these words of Sir James Douglas to tell the story for motivating people and children in particular, in his story book titled – Tales of a Grandfather.