Interesting facts about Macedonia

Everyone of us might have heard about Mother Teresa, the Roman Catholic nun and a renowned international humanitarian recognized for her service to the poor and the helpless and was awarded the highest honor or Nobel Prize for Peace in the year 1979. She was born in Skopje, the capital city of the Republic of Macedonia, located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe.

Yet another interesting aspect of this land-locked country is that it is the only country among others in the region that got independence from Yugoslavia without shedding a single drop of blood. In other words, this region, as part of Yugoslavia, remained entirely at peace at the heat of Yugoslav wars in early 1990s and got independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.

The Republic of Macedonia, which became an independent country in the year 1991, celebrates independence on 9th of September every year since then. The country shares its border in the northwest with Kosovo, in the north with Serbia, in the west with Albania, in the east with Bulgaria and in the south with Greece. Macedonia was part of the bigger undivided Yugoslavia between the period 1918 to 1991.

Another interesting feature about this country is that it has more number of mountains and mountain peaks than any other country in the world. The country has as many as 34 mountain peaks each more than 2,000 meters above the sea-level. The highest peak among the mountains in the region is Mount Golem Karb, which is about 2,753 meters above the sea level. Most of the peaks in the country have never been visited by the people and the rare visitors to these mountain peaks have been mostly wolves and eagles.

The country, which has a population little excess of 2 million, comprises of Christians, who account for more than two-thirds of the total population. The capital city of this country is Skopje, and is also the largest city in the country.

Of the total population, 67% are ethnic Macedonians. The next major ethnic group in the country is the Albanians who account for 23% of the total population. Mother Teresa is an Albanian by race at the time of her birth in Skopje during the year 1910.

Ironically, the Republic of Macedonia is considered to be one of the poorest countries in the European region, with the per capita income for the residents there being just in comparison with those earned by Jamaica, located in the West Indies islands.

The country is not only the home for many mountains but also for a number of lakes. As many as 53 lakes are there in this mountainous country. The scenic beauty that the country provides to the avid visitors would be breathtaking, to say the least.

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  1. These people, Macedonians, are the best people. Funny, friendly, always in the mood for good eating and drinking. You are not stranger with them, but one of them, their new friend.

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