Interesting Facts About Jamaica

The countries folks are known as colorful and happy but here is a more detailed look about Jamaica and it’s people.

-60$ Jamaican is worth 1$ American.

-Average temperature 84f.

-Famous exports are Bananas, Rum, coffee, citrus and many more.

-The population is around 2million and the capital is Kingston (also being the most populated city.

-In Jamaica people can watch the political proceedings by the visitors gallery.

-Snakes are really really rare in Jamaica, since they imported Mongooses to kill off rats, who also killed Snakes.

-Obeahism is the practice of Voodoo in Jamaica, it is a punishable crime, mostly imprisonment.

-Orchids grow everywhere in Jamaica and 72 of the species are native only to Jamaica.

-Blue Moons have been observed more then once in Jamaica.

-The coconut palm, sugar are not natives of Jamaica, they were brought by outsiders in different times of history.

-They passport are required for tourists of Canada and US who visit for a period of 6months.

-The Arawak Indians, who were living there at the time of Columbus’s arrival, were exterminated by him later. The Spanish were later defeated by the British and since then Jamaica is a member of the commonwealth.

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