Interesting Facts About Italy

Here are some facts from the country were a bunch of good food is made at.

-Italy is slightly larger then the state of Arizona.

– More 20% of Italy’s population is 55 years old and older.

-The average Italian family has at least one children.

-Italy’s flag was inspired by that France during Napoleon’s invasion.

-The average Italian earns about 20,000euros per year but those living in the north have an average of 40,000euros.

-The thermometer is an Italian invention.

-The Italian unemployed rate is around 8% but as high as 20% in the south, alone.

-The average life expectancy in Italy is 79years old.

-Why is the piano used so many orchestra’s, well because it is made in Italy.

-Pizza was born in Naples.

-The average Italian consumes half a pound of bread each day.

-Today’s Italian language was born in the Tuscany area.

-The inventor of the nuclear reactor was an Italian.

-Each year around 40million people visit Italy, it is the 4th most visited country in the world.

-Italy has two landlocked countries.

-Majority of the American-Italians came from the poor south of Italy.

-Cologne and Ice cream cones too came from the Italy.

-The ancient city of Pompeii was destroyed by a volcano.

-Modern eyeglasses are Italian invention.

-The average Italiano is 41 years old.