Interesting Facts about Ireland

Many countries in the world have some cultural influences from Ireland, weather you live in Europe or North America, when you see something Irish, you know it. Here are some facts about the poor country of 70s turned in to one of the most wealthiest nations on the globe.

-Ireland has lots of known symbols such as the harp, which is it’s national symbol, the shamrock, the Celtic Cross and also the Irish Wolfhound.

-Unlike the other nations of Britain, the majority of Irish population is Roman Catholics, 88%.

-The national language of Ireland is Gaeltacht, which is only full used in some parts of the country, most people speak English.

-Most popular actors out of Ireland are Richard Harris, Collin Farrell, Pierce Brosnan and Cillian Murphy. There are many more but those the most well known ones.

-Ireland has some well known bands from it too, The boomtown rats, U2,WestLife and a many new young artists..

-Saint Patrick, the Saint who brought Christianity to Ireland, is one of the most well recognized Saints in the world. He brought the religion around 430 and still to this day that is celebrated around the world.

-James Hoban designed the original White House in Washington.

-Dublin is the capital and it was founded by Vikings, in Irish dubh linn means black pool.

-Grace’O Melley was the Queen of Pirates, and yes she was Irish, another well known outlaw was Ned Kelly who stroke fear and passion in the hearts of people in Australia

-The highest mountain in Ireland isĀ  the Killarney.

-Guinness is the most well known liquor in Ireland.

-The Bailey is a liquor made in Ireland and popular around the world.

-The Irish love their sports, specially Rugby and Soccer.

-Here is a well known Irish proverb, “they come for a day and stay for a week”, meaning someone who overstays their welcome.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Facts about Ireland”

  1. WTF? Ireland is not a british nation!!!!

    Gaeltacht? Where on earth are you getting your information from? Gaeltacht is the word used to describe areas in Ireland where our native ‘Gaeilge’ is still spoken.

  2. I dont mean to make a laughing stock of this website, but im irish myself and most of the things said on this page are completley wrong..
    1. We have been free of the British for over hundred years
    2. Smaller fault: Far more than 88% of irish people are Catholics; Maybe foriegn people were surveyed.
    3. Gaeltacht?? That’s the name for places in ireland were irish or gaeilge is still spoken..
    4. The Killarney? For God’s sake, The mountain is called Carrantuohill and its in the TOWN of Killarney..
    5. The drink is called Bailey’s not THE BAILEY..
    6. We do like our sport, fair play to ye for getting something right, but we certainly don’t like soccer. We have our own game called Gaeilic Football which is a bit like soccer, but you have the ball in your hands and you have to keep kicking it back to your hands and bouncing it.. We also have Hurling and camoige were you use a hurl to hit the ball (Sliotar ball)… We like Rugby too.
    Please update the site because almost everything on the page is Wrong.. Sorry

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