Interesting Facts About Halloween

Today is Halloween, kids are knocking at my door for candies, I will give them candies and FACTS.

Here are some facts for you but no candies.

-In late 19th century,  lots of Irish folks immigrated to the US and they associated Halloween to witch and goblins, creatures of the anglo-saxon myths. Before that it was just a festival for farmers, harvesters.

-Jack-o-Lanterns were an Irish tradition but that too was stuck with halloween.

-The word witch came from the old Saxon word “wicka” which meant a smart dealer, of herbs and medicines.

-Pumpkins originated from Mexico, where they too celebrate the dead.

-41% of adults who buy a candy bowl for kids, admit they take some candies themselves.

-43% of adults dress up and buy themselves a costume too.

-62% of adults hand out candy because it is a tradition.

-90% of parents take some of their child’s candies.

-More then 93% of kids go trick or treating each year in America.