Interesting facts about grains

Grains are some of the basic ingredients that we consume on a daily basis to get the requisite energy.

Grains refer to the family of cereals that is one of the primary components of any food that we eat to get the required energy.

Grains are an excellent source of starchy carbohydrates as well as dietary fibers. It is a good source for vitamins and mineras such as Vitamin B, iron, niacin and riboflavnin.

The salient feature of grain as a component of the daily meal is that it is very economical than other types of foods that include meat, fish or other staples of diet.

What are the commom varieties of grains?

The common products that can be easily identified as grains include –

  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Oats
  • Rice, and
  • Wheat

Barley is the staple food which is consumed the most by the people living in the Middle East countries. As a soluble source of fiber, barley contains Vitamin B and rich source of minerals that include magnesium, zinc, phosporous and iron. The slightly sweet taste that this grain offers makes it an ideal choice of addition for salads, casseroles as well as pilafs.

Corn, an ancient grain corp, and variants that include maize and millets, is an important type of grain that is grown in Asia as well as North America the most. This grain is very useful for consumption by people especially those suffering with celtac disease. Millets can be used in the preparation of tasty flat breads.

Oat is a type of grain that can be used for breakfast. Oat bran helps in lowering the blood cholesterol levels because of the high soluble fiber content present in them. Oats also helps in effective utilization of the insulin produced in the body.

Rice is one of the grains that is consumed by more than half of the total population across the world. The unrefined brown rice is a rich source of fiber and vitamins in the group of B Vitamins. Useful amounts of phosporous and calcium are also present in brown rice.

Wheat is also one of the varieties of grains and is also the mostly widely consumed grain in the world. If the husk or the outer cover of the whole gain is not removed and consumed as a whole grain, the benefits would be more and will be more nutritious.

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