Interesting Facts about Flags

Everybody knows what a flag is but here are some more detailed and lesser known things about flags.

-The study of flags is called Vexillology

-If you study Vexillology, you can be referred as Vexillologist.

-This the definition of flag you would find in a normal dictionary : an emblem usually consisting of a rectangular piece of cloth with a special pattern. Note that some countries like Nepal, the piece of cloth is not rectangular.

-Objectives are represented by flags, and allegiances also.

-Flags are used for communication by the Navy and were also used by the Romans to signal people far away.

-Flag originated from the Saxon word “fflaken” which means to fly or float in the air,

-Flags often represent the country’s history.

-The colors in flags also mean something.

White: Means peace and Honesty. Black: means determination and the heritage of the people. Red: means courage, bravery. Blue: means vigilance, truth, loyalty. Green: means joy and hope. Yellow: means generosity.

-When wars were fought, warriors needed to know where their leader was inĀ  order to follow, help him so the leader would carry a pole with a cloth. That’s where the idea of the flag started, the battlefield.

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