Interesting Facts About Finland

We don’t hear about this country much in the media, because it’s just too awesome. Here are some facts that will make you want to live in Finland.

-Finland is the fifth largest country in Europe.

-68% of the country is covered by forest.

-Helsinki is the capital, with a population of 539,000 but with the little cities around it, it’s around 900,000.

-Other big cities include Tampere and Turku.

-The language of the elves in the famous movie based on a book, Lord Of The Rings, is based on Finnish.

-Finland is a bilingual country, the two official languages are Swedish and Finnish.

-The UN, voted Finland as the second most stable country in the world.

-The UN, voted Finland as the best country to live in.

-The total population of Finland is 5.1 million.

-The density of the population is low, 17 people per square kilometer.

-The most studied language is Finland is English.

-The elected President spends 6 year in the office.

-The Finnish currency is Euro.

-Finland was the first European country to give right to vote for women.

-Most Finnish are Lutherans. About 95%.

-Finland ranks 4th in the world for the well being of kids.

-The total consummation of pure alcohol is lower then any other country.

-Finland is ranked as the least corrupt country in the world.

-Most crimes in Finland are homicides committed by drunk people during weekends.

-Finland has one of the largest armies in the world per capita.

-85% of Finnish are willing to defend their homeland.

-Their military budget is around 2billion.

-The most famous Finnish company might be Nokia, in the west.

-Lordi, the Finnish monster rock band won the eurovision in 2006.

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  1. finland??? really??? i am only on here because i have to do a report on finland in social studies. 8~)

  2. ok so i have to do a project about finland. can you post more details about finland plz? that would help much. =)

  3. They forgot to mention the best school system in the world. And almost everyone speaks english, your actually suprised if you find someone that doesn’t. There are also 1.8 million saunas in here. I first went to the sauna when i was a few months old.

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