Interesting facts about Chamomile

Many of you might have heard about Chamomile, or Camomile, tea and the many benefits it offers to a person consuming it.

What is Chamomile?

Chamomile is nothing but a type of aromatic plant having white or yellow flowers. The unique feature of this plant is the smell of the flower, which is similar to that of an apple.

Chamomile tea is renowned for its flavor and the innumerable benefits it offers, especially its ability to calm down the nerves and provide a comforting sleep.

Besides providing refreshment to the body and mind, chamomile offers innumerable health benefits and is a subject of research.

Chamomile contains a chemical called Apigenin that helps in calming down the central nervous system and helps in getting a peaceful and comfortable sleep at night. If too much strain and stress is haunting you before going to bed, one can try out a cup of chamomile tea. He or she can even have a warm bath in the tub of water added with about 10 drops of chamomile oil. Either the warm bath in water mixed with chamomile oil or a cup of chamomile tea will greatly help in relaxing the anxiety and / or stress and paves way for a comfortable and sound sleep.

Chamomile is the storehouse for a number of chemical compounds. One of such chemical compounds is bisabolol, which act as antispasmodics. In other words, the bisabolol compound helps in relaxing the smooth muscles that are lined along the digestive tract and the uterus in the body and helps in easing the stomachache that may be caused immediately after a meal. It also helps in soothing any menstrual cramps.

It is beneficial to have a cup or two of chamomile tea daily, especially for people suffering with arthritis or such other diseases that cause pain and warrant consumption of pain-killing tablets. Chamomile has the capability to reduce the stomach-eroding effects of medicines like aspirin and such other related drugs.

Chamomile has antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory powers as well and can be effectively used for treeing minor health-related complaints.

If you experience any type of skin infection or eye-infection, it has been found that a wash of the affected region with chamomile will give you relief, because the antiseptic properties of chamomile helps in killing some of the bacteria or fungi that caused infection in the first instance.

It has been found that inhaling steam from heating chamomile will provide a soothing effect, especially to persons suffering from hay fever and / or related sinusitis, on the inflamed mucous membranes and also helps in reducing allergic reactions induced by histamine.