Interesting facts about cabbage

Do you know which common vegetable is consumed the most next to potatoes in the world?

It is the cabbage that is consumed nearly at par with those of potatoes across the world. Though cabbage is not as nutritious as other vegetables in this variety such as cauliflower, broccoli, and brussels sprouts, cabbage has innumerable health benefits.

Belonging to the cruciferous family of vegetables, cabbage is an excellent source for Vitamin C. Cabbage contains high fiber content and at the same time has low calories. There are many varieties of cabbage such as red cabbage, green cabbage and savoy cabbage.

The red cabbage and green cabbage are very rich sources for potassium and fiber. According to nutrition experts, a cup of chopped raw green cabbage contains as much as 33 micrograms of Vitamin C and a meager 20 calories. Red cabbage contains almost twice as much vitamin C as the green cabbage, while the green variety of cabbage contains twice as much folate as the red cabbage. The third variety of cabbage, the savoy cabbage, is a very rich source for beta carotene.

The health benefits from cabbage are innumerable. People who regularly consume large amounts of cabbage are found to be enjoying low rate of colon cancer. The protective element of cabbage is assumed to have come from bioflavonoids,indoles, monterprenes and other plant chemicals that inhibit tumor growth and protect cells against damage from free radicals, those unstable molecules released when the body uses oxygen. Some of these chemicals also speed up the body’s metabolism of estrogen.

Women whose food includes ample amount of cabbage as well as other related vegetables of the cruciferous family have reduced incidence of breast cancer.

In order to reap the benefits of cabbage to its fullest extent, it is advisable that steaming and stir-frying of cabbage is done so that the nutrients are preserved. It is also advisable to eat raw cabbage.

While cooking cabbage, it is advisable that utensils made of aluminum are not used, as aluminum cookware might cause chemical reaction that discolors the vegetables and also might alter the flavor.

There is a widespread myth doing the rounds about cabbage. According to folk wisdom, juice prepared out of cabbage is a miracle cure for ulcers. While there is little scientific evidence to prove that cabbage juice in fact cures ulcers, there is nothing wrong in trying cabbage juice along with other medical treatment for ulcer cure.