Interesting facts about Boxing

Boxing, in modern times, is one of the most interesting individual sports events where the players use their fists to effective use for both attacking as well as defending himself from the opponent.

The players playing this game of boxing are called as boxers. The primary weapon in this game is none other than the fists of the player. The players use protective gloves before participating in a boxing event that is carried out in a rounded-off square platform called as the ring. Players should play within this ring within the rules and regulations of the game supervised by a referee on stage and a team of referees sitting around the stage.

The game comprises of 12 rounds, each spanning a period of 3 minutes. Points are awarded if an opponent is knocked out by blows and could not continue the game after 10 counts by the referee. This is called as Knock-Out. If a player receives very severe blows, then the referee can stock the fight and award the game to the opponent, called as Technical Knock Out. The third way is through points determined by the blows given to the opponent and the defensive skills adopted in avoiding blows. The player with the maximum points will be declared as winner.

The game has to follow some very strict rules that were framed in 1839 in the auspices of London Prize Ring rules. The rules formulated and strictly followed since then state that a player cannot use kicking, gouging, or biting the opponent. Also the player is not entitled to kick the opponent below the belt tied to the hip. A boxer should not kick the opponent below the hip region.

The game is a very ancient one, not sure when it was first actually played. In early days, fists only were used for boxing. Bare-knuckle boxing, without any protection, was in existence, till the 1880s, even after the usage of leather gloves were put in place in 1869.

Boxing was included as a competitive sport in Olympics in the year 1904, and since then the game is part of Olympics and also played as separate championship under 17 different categories, depending upon the weight of he players involved in the bout.

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