Interesting facts about Bowling

One of the many sports activities that is played both as a professional sport and also as a recreational activity is Bowling.

What is bowling?

Bowling is a game in which a heavy ball is rolled down a long narrow lane to knock down a group of 10 wooden objects, called as pins.

This game is not a new invention of the 20th century. Traces of this game can be found historical records as old as 16th century. The game, which is quite popular in the United States, according to historical evidence, was brought from the Dutch people to the country in the 17th century and gained immense popularity among the people. The popularity was such that it occasionally led to betting and had to be banned for this very reason many a times in the past in many states across the U.S.

The game regained its popularity since the beginning of the 20th century, and in the year 1958, this game has been declared as a professional sport, as well.

The primary goal or aim of the game is to knock down the wooden objects or pins from a distance, using the heavy ball.

The rules and scoring system in this game are very simple. If all the pins are knocked down by the ball in the first throw, then it is called as strike, and 10 points are awarded for a strike. If some of the 10 pins stand remaining in the game at the end of the first throw, then the ball is thrown for the second time to knock down the balance bins. When the balance pins are knocked down with the second ball, then it is called as spare, and another 10 points are awarded for the spare. If a strike is thrown in a frame, the number of pins knocked down by the next two balls bowled count in that game. Thus, the maximum points a player can score in a single frame is thirty.

Both professionally and as an amateur, a typical game of bowling comprises of 10 frames. Each player is allowed to deliver two balls per frame. In the last frame of the game or in the 10th frame, the player is allowed another two balls. A perfect score of 300 in a game can be achieved by having 12 strikes in a row.

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