Interesting facts about Beer

One of the most common drinks consumed by people across the world is Beer. Not only is beer the most common drink, it is also one of the oldest drink. According to historians, it is believed the brewing beer dates back to as old as 5000 B.C, and the place now located in Egypt or Iraq is said to be the first place where brewing of this drink started.

Why beer is preferred more than other drinks such as Wine, Vodka for example?

Beer is preferred the most because of its low alcoholic content in comparison with other types of drinks. It has been found that alcohol content in beer is only between 3% to 8%. In contrast, Wine contains about 12% of alcohol, on average, and other types of hard liquor, the alcohol content ranges between 40% to 50%.

The major ingredient in beer brewing might differ from country to country depending upon the availability of the primary raw material, while the brewing process, in most countries, is a traditional one. Barley, sprouted corn, millets, rice, and rye bread are some of the materials that are used in the brewing process.

Apart from the low alcoholic content in beer, it has been found that beer contains modest quantities of some minerals as well as folate, niacin and Vitamin B6. According to experts, it has been assessed that a 355-ml bottle of beer contains provide a little more than 5% to 10% of Recommended Dietary Allowance or RDA of folate, significant amount of chromium and selenium and modest amount of phosphorus and Vitamin B6.

Though consuming beer has some nutritional benefits, being an addict or consuming excessive amount of beer might lead to other problems as well.

People who are averse or sensitive to alcohol might some sort of aggression on consuming even a little amount of beer, which contains less than 8% of alcoholic content at the maximum. However, it has been found that person can consume as much as 1 liter of beer without any major effects both mentally or physically.

Excessive drinking of beer often creates a feeling of fullness. It is precisely for this reason, many people restrict their beer consumption to a limit. However, there are some adverse effects of consuming beer which one needs to consider. Drinking a liter of beer will increase the intake of calorie content by a solid 600 calories, and as such, one tends to put on more weight if he consumes a liter of beer every day. The diuretic effect of alcohol present in beer makes a person urinate more frequently, and this frequent urination might wash away some of the minerals and vitamins before they are effectively consumed. This might have an impact on your health as well.

Normally people drink beer along with potato chips, nuts or some sort of salty-foods. These additional foods create a sense of thirst and induce more drinking. However, if one replaces these salty-food with egg, meat, legumes or pasta, the ill-effects of beer can be greatly reduced.