Interesting facts about basketball

One of the most popular sports played in the world is Basketball. The NBA championship played in the United States of America is renowned across the world with huge following and extensive TV coverage.

What is basketball?

Basketball is a team game, played between two teams, each comprising of 5 players, in a basketball court played either indoor or outdoor. There will be a placed a basket on either sides of the basketball court at a height of approximately 10 feet or 3.048 meters from the ground level. The motto of the players occupying one side of the basket ball court is to throw the inflated ball through the basket placed at the opponent’s court. For every successful attempt, points are awarded to the scoring team, and the match is decided by the number of points scored by each team, after completion of the stipulated time of play.

When and how the game originated?

The game of basketball, as we all know, originated in the year 1891, when one professor of physical education Dr. James Naismith developed this game primarily with the intention of keeping his students healthy and physically fit even in cold conditions during the winter season. He discarded the idea of gymnasium and wanted something innovative which will not only help in beating the long and chill winter but also very stimulating and invigorating exercise to the body. The outcome is none other than basketball.

Rules of the game

The object of the game has not changed from what was foreseen by James Naismith. As a player of the team, the goal should be score points by throwing the ball through the basket of the opponent from above. At the same, the player should also protect that opponent from throwing the ball in to the basket. From what distance the ball is thrown into the basket also determines the number of points. If the ball thrown from a distance of a minimum of 20 ft 6 inches or more to the basket deserves 3 points, and others deserves 2 points. The team which secures more points will be declared the winner.