Interesting facts about Avocados

Do you know which fruit has the most protein, fat and calories than any other fruit?

It is Avocado, a pear-shaped fruit with a rough outer skin, having a large stone in it in addition to flesh in pale-green color. Often mis-understood to be a vegetable, avocados is actually a fruit. Avocado is also the reproducive part of the plant.

The fruit offers many benefits to the body. It is a rich source for potassium, Vitamin A and also folate. The fruit also contains useful amounts of proteins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin E as well as minerals such as iron and magnesium.

It has been found that Avocado fruit contains monosaturated oil, the one that is found in olive oil, and also has more soluble fiber than found in any other fruit.

A serving of Avocado, equivalent to 115 grams, contains as much as 200 calories, the most among the fruits of simiar quantity. In addition to higher calorie content, avocado serving also contains more fat content. The interesting aspect is that the fat content present in a serving of avocado fruit is monosaturated fat and as such does not lead to any increase in blood cholesteral levels.

Avocado has rich minerals. About one-half of a medium-sized fruit, equivalent to about four ounces, will provide as much as 500 milligrams of potassium, and folate, equivalent to about 16% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). In addition to potassium and folate, the avocado fruit contains useful amounts of iron and also Vitamins B6, C and E.

Reseach has found that Avocado fruit is found to be effective in lowering cholesterol levels and also in protectin against several types of cancers because of the existence of two phytochemicals – beta sitosterol and glutathione. While phytochemial, bito-sitosterol, is effective in lowering the cholesterol levels, gluthathione is found to be very effective in curing several types of cancers.

One interesting point about this avocado fruit is that the fruit ripens only after it is plucked out from the tree. Mature fruits can be left unplucked in the trees for as much as 6 months or even more and the fruit will not get spoilt as long as it is in the tree. But, once you pluck the fruit from the tree, it will ripen in a few days.

The smooth texture of the fruit in addition to the buttery flavor makes it a compliment to a salad made of vegetables.

However, one needs to be aware that the relatively high content of calories in a medium sized fruit with more than 85% of the fat content might be the drawback.