Interesting Facts About Aruba

Aruba is an autonomous region but is part of the Kingdom Of Netherlands. It is close to the east of Venezula. The first inhabitants were from a tribe of natives called the Arawak, they lived in the coastal area of Venezula, they were repeatedly attacked by the Carib tribe in the mainland of Venezula so they escaped to the island nearby, which is Aruba. The Island was close enough to the mainland so they could return for supplies they couldn’t find on the island. Even though the travel on canoe was hard on the sea current that is very near the hurricane belt.

When the Italian Amerigo Vespucci was on a expedition, he spotted an small island next to Venezula, he said the houses were made on water like in Venice in his home country of Italy.

In 1499, it was conquered by Spain but later Spain left the Island for other lands and the Dutch took it like they took all the other Islands in the area. In 1990 it claimed independence from the Dutch but still have some relation with them.

Other facts include: The island is a bit bigger than the state of Washington, over 1.5 million people visit this small island north to Venezula every year, in a report, done by the American Gov, it is thought that the majority of population consumes cocaine.

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  1. Most of the facts that the publisher presents are pure fiction, specially the supposed report done by the American government (what year, who did this report, based on what, and what was he smoking when he did it?), that most of the population of Aruba consumes cocaine. If in any case he could be refering to the younger generation in Aruba, as for cocaine use is a relative “new” occurence in Aruba, perhaps he would be trying to say that the new generation passed it over to the older generation? As for the younger generation itself, from which I include myself, I have to say that I would estimate only around less than 5% to be real consumers, and perhaps only 10% to have tried it in their lifetime…..

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