Interesting facts about Archery

Archery – the art of using the bow and the arrows, once considered to be the most essential prerequisite for the soldiers, generals and even the kings of a kingdom in the ancient past, has been transformed into a professional sport, thanks to the advancement of the military weapons and other means of warfare. This art of using bows and arrows was used not only for wars, even for hunting animals, in the ancient period. According to historical records, the art of using bows to propel the arrows for hunting animals or enemies was found way back between 10,000 – 9,000 B.C.

With the development of civilization and the industrial revolution, new types of devices have been introduced for hunting and other warfare, thus leading to the decline of archery as a means of warfare. The art has lost its importance for a long period of time.

It was only in 1911 that the art of bow and arrow for combating enemies was revived, when Ishi, a person belonging to the Yahi Indian Tribe, used it to escape from the jungles in California. Some of the techniques used by Yahi were recorded by Saxton Pope, the doctor who treated Ishi, and then it was passed on the same to The Pope and Young Club, which was founded in 1961. This laid the ground for the revival of this great and ancient art as a competitive sport, now played in Olympics and many national and international events take place.

As an interesting sports activity, archery is the game in which an expert in archery, called as an archer, bowman or a “toxophilite” shoots arrows at a target. The game involves two variations – target archery and field archery.

In Target Archery, the archer is required to shoot arrows accurately at a target from a set distance. This type of archery is very popular and practiced in most of the countries.

The other form of archery is called as Field Archery, which is practiced in some parts of Europe and Americas. This field archery is similar to target archery in that the arrows are shot at targets set at a distance. But the only difference is that the setting of the area or surrounding is that of woods and trees.

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