If your Friend is Fat, can She Chase You?

If you kick your friend, she will not be able to run after you because she has a lot of inertia, being stout. As a heavy-weight person, she possesses a volume of mass. Many people encounter difficulty in comprehending Newton’s laws, but although they may appear really complicated, they can be explained in simple terms.

In analyzing the 3 Newton’s principles, it is best to know 4 scientific terms such as force, mass, inertia and energy. This will be discussed in relation to each other. So, when you kick your friend, you are actually using some force. If she is stout, then she has a volume of mass in her body, and being fat, she cannot chase you because she has a lot of inertia.

Each time you kick her, some molecules are activated coming from your foot towards her body, and that is what we call energy. A tremendous volume of energy can be released through a nuclear bomb explosion, or a small amount can be involved just like when a brain cell of a person dies.

Newton’s 1st law states that if something has no movement, it will stay as it is, just like if you kick your friend, there will be a corresponding reaction from her. But if you don’t kick her, she will stay where she is, without reacting. She would just probably continue sitting in front of her computer, talking to the phone for hours, or listening to her new iPod. Thus, the 1st law of Newton is proven.

This law originated from the incident where an apple fell on top of Newton’s head creating a corresponding reaction from him. This 1st law is also known as Newton’s Apple Law.

The 2nd law created by Newton states that for every action, there is a corresponding loss in the amount of energy exerted, just like when you perform a rigorous exercise where you grasp for your breath. Hence, the 2nd law of Newton takes place. For many people, this may seem to be meaningless as viewed from a simple angle, but if it is viewed from a universal perspective, it will be surprisingly devastating.

If the energy in the universe gets depleted, life on earth will no longer be possible. But don’t take it seriously because this will not occur in your lifetime according to scientists.

Newton’s 3rd law indicates that mass and energy are interchangeable, just like when you fall to the ground from a tree. If your body mass is not so heavy, you might as well survive. But if you fall together with your stout friend and you push her ahead of you to the ground, it will be very pitiful for her because she will carry all the impact of your body mass combined with her mass resulting for serious injury on her part and only some bruises for you.

That sounds good for you then for having a stout friend. Now you know that having a slim body figure is not only for health and appearance; it is also for survival.