If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia

If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia

That is not actually true.  But it is known that if you go around saying God talks to you, most people are going to believe you are crazy.  And in some cases I’m sure they’re right.  As for schizophrenia, I believe it is so far beyond human understanding.  It is truly an unfortunate condition.  What is, even more unfortunate is people who are not able to realize that God does reveal him-self to you everyday.  And if you were to listen; it doesn’t make you crazy.  I understand that many people may refer to God by other names.  People pray to God through different means.  Some may not want to believe in God.  But it is undeniable that a greater force is running this world.  What makes the sun rise in the morning?  What makes the sun set in the evening?  And I’m not asking the “how.”  Science can explain that.  The real question is why?  We have learned everything we know from this world.  And there still is so much more to go.

The sun rises to give you light so you can move about the world.  It feeds your body and feeds the land.  What does that say to you?  When the sun disappears and your body wants to rest, what does that say to you?  Oh, I’m tired.  Why do we tire?  If you say you don’t get tired and you’re up all night, then you must be on something.  But if you’re a sacrificing parent who works graveyard, may God’s mercy and grace be on you.  If the sun were to go out altogether life would cease to exist.  Can you deny that?  If God is talking, then I am listening and call me crazy.

When people experience a sudden sense of distress or sometimes extreme joy, they look up to that great force and ask, why me?  It is a natural response that goes without belief.  It just proves that there is something greater then ourselves.  Many people turn to prayer to ask God, or whichever name you prefer to use, for what they need, whether, it is peace of mind, help, protection, or just answers.  When you ask a question, you need an answer.  How does God give us those answers?  If you think God talks directly to you, you probably need to see a doctor.  I mean no offence.  If you have a true understanding of the great force that created this world we live in then, you would know that it is too great for our mind and bodies to absorb.  It is like the sun.  You cannot look directly into it.  And we can only absorb bits at a time through the atmosphere and space.

Listening takes a great deal of understanding and patience.  It is not the norm.  People may think you are crazy if you say God speaks to you.   To speak requires words.  God does not speak to us by words, rather by inspiration.  That is why true inspiration only happens in spouts and on rare occasions.  If a schizophrenic says he was inspired by voices in his or her head then you know they’re crazy.  Voices speak and speaking takes words.  Crazy!  In fact, in order to hear God there has to be silence in your head.

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  1. We always make assumptions to explain many things we experience. I think belief of existance of god came that way

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