If You Have the Chance to Breath Under the Water, What Will You Do?

Many people will certainly say “enjoy.”  Those who are lovers of the sea will of course appreciate and love this phenomenon.  Can you imagine that you can enjoy staying underwater without any gadgets at all?  You can catch fish as long as you want and enjoy the beautiful scenery down there.

You can take photos anywhere without the fear of suffocation due to loss of breath.  You can even go to far places and even at the deepest part of the ocean without carrying anything with you.  All you need is something that you can use to catch fish.  You can enjoy your favorite water sports anytime of the year without worry on giant waves.  Incredible isn’t it?

There is no problem with storm or any form of weather disturbances when you are in the middle of the ocean because you are not afraid of drowning.  You can perform more than a scuba diver and hey, you can be hired to lead a search and rescue team to save victims of wreckage in the sea.  What more, you can establish a business conglomerate involved in sea rescue business.

You can even search for treasures beneath the sea with your unique ability of staying underwater for so long.  But wait; is this true or just the works of plain imagination?

In the year 2007, a stunning experiment went underway at the Tokyo’s Waseda University by scientists whose primary aim was to produce a perfect system of installing an artificial gill in human beings.  This will enable divers to stay beneath the sea for as long as they want without any breathing apparatus on hand.

The outer layer of the device to be installed is taken from silicon strands which shield a membrane containing hemoglobin solution.  Oxygen is drawn by the liquid thru the inflow of superfluous hydrogen.  When the hemoglobin is heated, it will release its cargo which will pass thru the windpipe of the swimmer by means of a scuba mouthpiece.

Two interested Americans who saw the initial launching of this innovative phenomenon in the TV have already tried the operation in Tokyo.  Their account based on their experience stated that a certain Mr. Mitsubishi is conducting the operation in Tokyo.  If you are serious about the operation, you will be required to sign a bunch of papers concerning the whole procedure, the risks, side effects if any, and refunds if it won’t be successful.  They found out later that indeed, they can stay beneath the water for so long.  The only drawback is that they prefer eating fish all the time.

This scientific procedure is being perfected based on the breathing ability of fish under water.  However, the scientists are faced with the problem on how to extract a sizeable amount of oxygen from the hemoglobin solution.  There is still an ongoing discussions and brainstorming on how to settle this problem.

But scientists consider this as a minor problem and soon, they would be ready to unveil this perfected unique breathing system under the water, in perfect form.  When this is ready, you can stay beneath the sea for hours without fear except for your body’s capacity to endure the cold water down there.