If the French haven’t created The French Fries Who has?

If the very country that is named after it hasn’t actually created, who has? It is their neighbors the Belgians who are the big fries maniac. In fact it is their national dish and they have been eating them in huge buckets long before The KFC’s fry bucket. They have this tradition for just absolutely eating fries for everything since the 1800s. The French have also said they invented it since it is a french tradition to cut dishes very thin. The problem is that the Belgian claim has been around long before that French technique. But the biggest french fries producer in the world is from Canada, a company named by McCain, very popular in Canada, there base is in New Brunswick but they have over 30 potato processing plants around the world.

Did You Know? That the Canadian company  McCain has plants in all 6 continents, since 2005 it was named the second biggest private company in Canada. And it is worth around 6 billion dollars…

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