I don’t suffer fools, and I like to see fools suffer

Okay, this title may seem a little malicious. The main idea is the true fact that there are many out there that actually get a rise at seeing other people suffer. We walk a fine line of knowing it is not a good thing to ridicule, to being the cause of others pain. But when they cause the pain for themselves we have a tendency to find it a way to feel better about ourselves because at least we think we don’t make those kinds of mistakes. And what is even funnier, is that when we do make those kinds of mistakes we find it is entirely a different situation then the suffering fool we made ourselves feel better over. This is a case I’ve seen time and again. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I finally realized it is a tool, a jagged tool we use to feel better about ourselves or to bond with others by pointing out others problems. We seem willing to do anything these days to feel acceptable even at the cost of someone’s suffering.

Having experienced this state myself, I found it to only go in a vicious circle. As we know, what goes around comes back around, as Justin Timberlake puts it. Some call it karma. What ever it is it always comes and bits you in the butt. Thankfully, I am a person who really wants to learn to be better. I took the time to figure this one out. It is also not so easy to break this habit. Especially when people around you want you to participate otherwise you are not in the holier then thou group, until the shoe is on the other foot, and those same people are putting you out. Have you ever thought it may be a test of courage on your behalf? If you pass you may move up a space or draw a special card?

This habit has unfortunately contributed to the loss of compassion and understanding we should have for our fellow mankind. We are eating the backs of people with this manner. Breaking down another’s spirit, so to speak and I don’t want to be in that line when that comes back around. Do you?

Yes, there are people out there that may make it easy for you to think this way. But this is a habit we have to change. Just because we take time to recognize another’s suffering doesn’t make us a fool. It makes us the wiser. It doesn’t take away from our lives. Even, just being patient on another is an act that will come back to you.

Take some time to really look over your self. I bet you will see you are not that better off. If you have the non-sense or even the time to be so careless towards another person, you must not be doing so great yourself. People of stature (e.g. as people of distinction and importance) are too busy doing things that are of importance. Now, I’m not trying to get on your back about this. I just hope we would think about what it is we are thinking when we see another person in an unfortunate predicament. Stop and take a moment and see what is going on in your head. Are you laughing and thinking what an idiot? Or, are you figuring on a way you might be able to help or at least point them in the right direction? Isn’t that how you want people to think when you are in the same position?