Hunting Down Your Track in Android’s Music Library

It is estimated that there are around 8,000 genres of music including some pretty bizarre ones, like Nintendocore and Mongolian Throat singing. With limited time on radio stations and the actual physical limitations of record and music stores, finding the exact type of music—let alone some of the more far-out genres—can be difficult and frustrating. However, with the development of the smartphone and the explosion of apps now available for them, finding that track you want to listen to on the way to work just became a whole lot easier.

With the invention and development of an app being as simple as it is, hundreds of thousands of apps are being invented for all kinds of things, and music plays an especially big part. Android music apps exist for a huge variety of musical styles and give you access to whatever type of music you are looking for.

Music Apps for Android

Slacker Radio

Slacker is pretty popular because of the wide variety of music that it gives listeners access to. Little-known genres, like goregrind or the previously mentioned Nintendocore, are hard to come by, but Slacker Radio goes the extra mile to deliver full satisfaction to its listeners.


iheartradio is an radio app devoted solely to playing the hottest U.S. music tracks. If it just recently came out or came back, or if Jimmy Kimmel just covered it on his show, you can probably listen to it on iheartradio. If you are looking for Canadian country or folktronica, iheartradio is probably not the place to start. However, it does play good music that you can rock out by yourself or with friends.

Pandora Radio

Possibly the best known and most popular Internet radio, Pandora truly lives up to its name in supplying an unlimited amount of music, from the best known teeny-bopper song to the only-two-people-have-ever-heard-this song. Pandora makes a point of providing stations based on all kinds of criteria: style, artists, occasions, etc. You can also personalize the type of music that Pandora plays for you, so you’re certain to find just what you’re looking for here.

So, the quest is on! Download the best Android music apps and start compiling your favorite sounds. The Android Market has dozens of apps devoted to sharing all the music the world has to offer—and it’s all at your fingertips.