How to Use Psychological Approach to Motivate the Mentally Handicap

Psychological disorders may arise from childhood where the kids may have come from very poor families or parents with serious conflicts. They can also be children who are afflicted with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which concerns over-restlessness and impulsive actions.

Others could arise from head injuries from serious accidents and some may have suffered from convulsions due to high fever when they were kids. These mental disorders could be carried forward to adulthood if not properly taken cared of. Manifestations of mental imbalance could be seen at the early stage of a child’s growth, or it could also be during the period of adolescence.

The most gruesome aspect of mental retardation is when a person becomes a victim of a cruel punishment or inhuman torture that severely damages his brain. This could be in the form of rape, physical abuse, mental torture, illegal detention, forced hunger and total isolation.

As a consequence, this may initially result in a debilitating shock status that could eventually lead to some degree of mental illness if not properly reformed and given attention. There are also cases wherein a person has too much ambition, yet, he could not achieve them for some reasons, and there are those who have exceeded their mental capacity to absorb what their brain could no longer comprehend.

Psychological approach is significant in motivating mentally handicap people to reach out achievements in the society where they belong as normal people. In determining what a person thinks and why he acts that way on a particular situation should not be done in a way of asking him directly because he may not be able to discuss the reasons precisely.

The best thing to do is to observe his actions and reactions to a given situation and analyze his dreams and fantasies on different angles to motivate him towards a normal outlook in life.

Explaining to the person about the realities of life and showing him some graphics or video films concerning the life of other persons just like him with the same case, but have risen from their nutshell to compete with normal persons and eventually won, are highly recommended by psychologists. We must show him graphical figures of fiction objects and characters wherein he could relate his dreams and fantasies to reality.

All actions and reactions about mental and behavioral patterns are brought about by past experiences. The field of psychodynamic theories theorizes that neurotic people can act in a way that is unknown to them either due to extreme happiness or over frustration.

Apart from psychotherapy being rendered by doctors, patients must be moderately introduced to normal life stream by way of interaction and participation in games. This way, they will not feel that they are being ignored, isolated and discriminated.

As kids, the mentally handicap must be given enough time to be cared for and be loved. The caregiver assigned to take care of the mentally handicap must show great care and patience necessary to motivate him to have a normal outlook in life in spite of obstacles.