How to Pick A BBQ Grill Cover?

With the summer in the horizon and the sun coming out soon, you will probably get your BBQ out. But you won’t always be using it! You will surely need a reliable cover to prevent it from getting dirty or the rain rusting it out. There are two types of BBQ grills, electric, charcoal and gas. Charcoal is getting older and getting behind while Electric is getting more popular. The Gas type being around the middle and still useful.

BBQ Grill Cover For Charcoal
Charcoal BBQ’s are the ones that get dirty really easily. Because all of the charcoal dust and other burnt materials collected inside, if you want good protection for this kind of BBQ use a Weber Vinyl cover. If the dust goes on the inside of the cover you can just dust it off. Some other covers get stained by Charcoal but not this vinyl cover by Weber.

BBQ Grill Cover For Gas
Unlike the Charcoal one, this BBQ type doesn’t get that dirty. But the rain might affect some of the mechanics. So any sturdy cover that helps against the rain would a cover to get. A weather resistant and element resistant cover is what you’re looking for. I am not going to talk much about electric BBQs since they still aren’t mainstream but some cover similar to this would do.

Whatever the BBQ type you have a cover will be essential for its survival.

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