How to control blood glucose level and manage diabetes

The level of glucose in the blood determines the health of a person to a great extent. Glucose is the primary source used by the body for energy and if the glucose is not used efficiently, one can become a victim of diabetes, a disease which needs medication and strict control through out the life once detected.

In short, high level of glucose in the blood is what we call diabetes.

What causes diabetes?

The pancreas in our liver is responsible for the creation of a hormone called insulin and this insulin is the carrier through which the glucose in the blood is transported to the cells. The cells get energy from this glucose through insulin and thus the glucose content in the blood is reduced to the extent the cells get energy and the level of glucose in the blood is maintained at an optimum and desirable level.

If the insulin is not sufficient enough in the body to transport the glucose in the blood to the cells and meet the body’s needs, then the excess sugar or glucose in the blood remains underutilized and thus increases the sugar content in the blood. This is referred to as type-II diabetes.

There is one other possibility for higher sugar content in the blood. If the body does not produce the required insulin in the pancreas or the cells that produce the insulin hormone are destroyed, then there is no possibility of transporting glucose to the cells from the blood, and thus result in higher sugar content in the blood stream. This type is referred to Type-I diabetes.

With modern innovations and new-age thinking in the field of medicine, diabetes is no more a cause for worry. It has been proved that the art of managing diabetes is nothing but the art of having effective control over blood glucose through regulating and modulating the type, quality and quantity of food we consume.

There are three broad means through which blood sugar levels can be controlled and the menace of diabetes effectively managed:

Lifestyle habits : As part of the efforts, one should develop lifestyle habits which will ensure that the body is less susceptible to high blood sugar content. Resistance to insulin is one of the reasons for diabetes. If you are obese or overweight, then you should try to put down the excess fat and maintain a healthy body through regular exercises to maintain a slim and trim body such that the body becomes less insulin resistant. Merely cutting down on intake of foods will not be sufficient.

Dieting habits: If you are suffering from diabetes and have high glucose content, you need not enforce a ban on intake of carbohydrates altogether. Instead, ensure that you take enough meals at regular intervals such that undue fluctuations in blood sugar levels are reduced. Also make sure that adequate quantity of right nutrients are included in your daily intake of meals.

Adequate stock of insulin: The absence of insulin for carrying sugar or glucose to the cells from the blood is the primary cause for diabetes. One should ensure that adequate quantity of insulin is available in the body. If insulin is deficient, please make sure that insulin tablets or insulin injections are taken periodically at the stipulated time so that the level of insulin is maintained at the required level.

By effectively following these simple steps, one can take advantage about the new-age thinking and approach towards Diabetes and become an expert in the art of managing diabetes and living a healthy and tastier life.