How the Power of Crystals Affect the Life of Human Beings

Crystals have existed thousands of years ago. Crystals are unique gemstones because they possess a geometrically perfect atomic structure. Quartz crystals are natural objects created from the movement of the earth’s crust. In history, it is believed that the ancient Atlanteans used the power of crystals to communicate from a distance.

These gemstones are objects that have special properties. They receive, concentrate and convert energy. Today, quartz crystals are used in appliances because of their electrical properties. Crystals have the ability to amplify sound waves in a radio and emit light waves in television. The silicon used in computers is made from crystals due to their programming capability.

Crystals are believed to have the power to transmit minerals and they store cosmic energy from the center of the earth. They are in perfect alignment with the earth’s energy due to their perfect molecular structure.

Crystals have been used for treating various diseases by the ancient Egyptians; they are believed to have magical power. During the Middle Ages, kings and knights wore breastplates with gemstones for protection against enemies.

These gemstones can ward off negative energies, and enhance the flow of positive energies in a specific area. The power of crystals can be absorbed by a person’s energy and re-direct this energy in several ways.

The use of crystals has extended beyond ornamental purposes. Their magical power has been used in the fields of health, vibrational healing, meditation, personal power and protection. They may have other significant functions related to science and technology and many more uses that have not been explored by man.

Crystals are said to improve the stability the mind, body and spirit. They have been used in meditation, chakra stimulation, grounding, relaxation and protection.

There is a correlation between crystals and the signs of the Zodiac as birthstones. Some wear them for good luck and as shield against negative energies, protection for the house, property and vehicles.

These gemstones can help us discover our inner selves and spirit. Try them, enjoy their beauty, touch them and hold them in your hands to feel their energy.

There is a wide variety of crystals in different sizes and shapes. These are polished stones, raw stones, chunks or clusters, tumbled gems and other varieties.

But nowadays, there are also plated gemstones and other fake stones in the market. Go to a crystal shop and feel the energy of authentic crystals.

There is an extensive variety of crystals to choose from. Think of what kind of crystal you want and take it in your hands. Play with it and roll it in the palm of your hands, roll it with the right hand, then on the left hand. Whether you are familiar with the world of crystals or not, it is fascinating to hold these gems and experience that warm feeling especially if crystal is your birthstone.

If you dare, hold the stone in the area of your third eye which is located between your eyes and feel the difference.