How Poor Boys Can Become Rich Men

Poor boys can be successful men. There is a thin line that separates winning from losing. Characteristics such as civility, diligence, and perseverance can determine if a person will succeed or fail. If you want some advice, you should start by rising early. Being early both literally and figuratively will let you explore various opportunities you otherwise cannot take advantage of. Don’t be afraid to work using your two hands, there is a purpose why you were created with it. Accomplish what you set out to do and never back down from challenges if you believe that there is a chance for you to succeed. Diligence, perseverance, and industry can help you overcome even the most stressful difficulties.

Don’t underestimate the power of respect, civility, and politeness in this world as well. People respond to good character. And you definitely need the help of others in the road to success. Honesty is said to be the best policy. For a successful person though, it is the only policy. Never anticipate wealth from any illegitimate source, work for your way up and don’t step on others on your way to the top. Make your word your bond and realize what it is worth.

Have the knowledge to plan, industry to execute, and honesty to govern your actions. Know your limits, don’t overtrade or give credit you can ill afford. Time is money; calculate the hours of your day accurately to the single cent. Make few promises but exceed expectations when you deliver. Keep important secrets. Live within your means. Being sober in the face of temptation is a characteristic you should aspire to have. Luck is only a word that plays a small role in your successful. But it is not the end all and be all of a successful and rich man. Using caution is the slow but sure thing.

Remember that the highest monuments start with a single small piece. We mount the pyramids step by step. Be bold, be resolute, and be confident. Self-reliance is the best capital. When clouds gather overhead, be determined, difficulties can be surmounted by opposition. Don’t be discouraged when push comes to shove. Use your inner strength to get past all difficulties. Ninety-nine others might say no, but you – the hundredth, should roll up your sleeves and get to work. The best introduction is your own labor, your industry, and your energy. Lean on yourself and keep good company. Stay away from politics unless you’re sure to win, but watch out because the world is unpredictable.

8 thoughts on “How Poor Boys Can Become Rich Men”

  1. Poor will always remain poor and the rich will always be successful. This article does not show the path. This seems like what you read in your school books where you are told to be truthful and hard working.
    It is only smart work and a little bit of cheating which gets you success.
    I agree with a few methods mentioned by you but the rest just seems to be crap.

  2. Ronnie, I totally disagree with you on this. Smart work is necessary to grow but it does not mean you have to cheat for it.
    The author has very nicely shown the way.
    Temptations, greed and anger lead only to a downfall. If you show character and grit you can definitely overcome these feelings and be successful in life.
    Compliments to the author for a well structured article.

  3. Harry, If you disagree it is your wish but I could challenge you to show me examples of men who have become successful in life and prove that they have not cheated to earn so much wealth that they have and I might believe what you are saying.

  4. i think its a great article,i have read it a dozen times and its like reading it anew each me a zest to life and a re-assurance that not everything is lost.good work.

  5. @Ronnie
    ronnie – what about sucessful and rich people like actors and sports players, have they ever had to cheat on step on anyone else. All they have ever done is have a natuall talent, nutured it worked hard with it and always made the effort to be in the right place at the right time to get the best opportunities. all they have done after that is to build the best reputations possible for them and use that to become more sucessfull and rich by getting better opportunities.

    The best way to become successfull is to take the one thing your best at and better it, build a reputation and make sure you take the most progressive opportunities.

  6. Hi,

    I tried all thsi but still not much successful, to be honest i do not beleive that crap anymore

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