How many people live on Earth?

On February 25, 2005, the population count by the United Nations Population Division estimed that by 2013, earth will hold around 7 billion people. And by 2050 it will increase by nearly 2 billion and go around 9.1 billion. Most growth will take place in the developing nations. Nearly all humans reside on Earth, of course there isn’t another planet where humans can live in harmony. But 2 people reside in a space station that orbits around the Earth. Every six month they swap peoples in the space station. Sometimes they have trained people who pay or are guests to go on this space station. Currently earth holds around 6,411,000 billion people. The development, I mentioned will take place in developing nations.

As of 2004, around 400 people have been into a space voyage and have stayed there for awhile. Most have come back enlightened, they see life with another view and gain lots of respect for everything that is our planet. And that nobody can understand it.

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